Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1989 Frag Viper

Ah the Frag Viper, my favorite childhood evil-robot-monster-man-from-outer-space. Not what I’d describe him as now, but that is really what I used him for as a kid. This is another one of those army builders I’ve accumulated that I really never cared for, but I’ve found a use for the many partsless ones in my collection.

The original idea for the Frag Viper is that he’s a silent grenadier, but this is a pretty farfetched job for them to have, so to me, they’re just Cobra demolitions experts. They use normal grenade launchers, bazookas and other such things you’d expect. Like this I really enjoy the figure, especially as an alternative to the gaudy HEAT Viper.

The Frag Viper came with a lot of parts which is why he’s rarely seen complete. The machine gun he comes with is pretty nice; a shame when you consider it was never used again. He also came with two hoses, three grenades that peg onto his backpack, and a grenade pitcher. None of these are really bad things, though if you don’t like the concept of this figure, you probably won’t care for all of his parts.

The Frag Viper really isn't a bad figure. If not by chance however, I probably would have never pursued him or at least many of him. I'm glad I've obtained as many as I have though, as I've found a good role for him that many other figures just didn't work as for me.

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  1. Frag-Vipers are great! I just discovered them after getting one on trade and they just have a fantastic alien/bug like look to them. Really "B-Movie" horror types.